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On this page you will find information for parents and family members of children who receive or who may be eligible for special education services within the 14 school districts that comprise the North Coastal Consortium for Special Education (NCCSE).  It is designed to connect you to useful resources, to help you understand special education services, and to resolve concerns or questions you may have about those services.


Contact the NCCSE Parent Liaison either via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at 760-761-5120. The Parent Liaison is the parent of a child with disabilities. All emails and calls to the Parent Liaison are confidential.

You can also call our English/Spanish hotline at 1-888-797-5575 for workshop and event information!



Every month the NCCSE Community Advisory Committee sends out a newsletter with flyers and information on the latest events organized by the CAC. We encourage you to join our Email List to have the latest newsletter delivered to your inbox. Scroll down to read the current newsletter.


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To learn more about NCCSE and the Community Advisory Committee, see the NCCSE website at  www.nccse.org  or call toll free at 1-888-797-5575. 

Dear Families,


We hope you will find the offerings in this newsletter helpful to you and your family as you raise your child with special needs.


Did you know?  

The NCCSE Interagency Transition Services Taskforce is online!  Information and resources are available on the NCCSE website at:



Best wishes for a wonderful summer!


Community Advisory Committee Executive Board

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Scroll down for information in Spanish. 

Para información en español desplácese hacía abajo. 

Workshops for families beginning again in the Fall

We wish you a wonderful summer.  Be sure to check back in August to register for workshops beginning again in the fall. 

Videos of  past Community Advisory Committee Meetings  are available on line!

This year's presentation topics were:

  • Introduction to Accessibility Tools on Google Chrome
  • Overview of School-Based Social Support Programs in NCCSE School Districts
  • Overview of the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI)
  • Presentation by the NCCSE Interagency Transition Services Taskfor

Presentations begin just after the meeting introductions.

For links to the CAC meeting videos click here 

All programs in this newsletter are available and free to families whose children attend one of the school districts that are a part of NCCSE: 

Bonsall Unified, Cardiff, Carlsbad Unified, Del Mar Union, Encinitas Union,  

Fallbrook Union Elementary, Fallbrook Union High, Oceanside Unified,  

Rancho Santa Fe, San Dieguito Union High, San Marcos Unified, Solana Beach, Vallecitos, and Vista Unified, as well as families whose children receive services through California Early Start.


Unless otherwise noted, all programs are presented in English with simultaneous interpretation in Spanish. 

Información en Español

Los talleres para las  familias  comienzan otra vez en el otoño

Le deseamos un maravilloso verano.  Asegúrese de regresar en agosto para inscribirse a los talleres que comienzan en el otoño.

¡Los videos de las reuniones del Comité Asesor Comunitario estan disposables en línea! 

Los temas presentados este año fueron:

  • Introducción a las herramientas de accesibilidad disponibles en Google Chrome

  • Reseña de los programas de apoyo social en los distritos escolares de NCCSE

  • Reseña del Instituto de Prevención de Crisis (Crisis Prevention Institute, CPI en inglés)

  • Presentación del equipo de trabajo de transición

Las presentaciones comienzan justo después de las presentaciones de reuniones.

Para los enlaces a los videos de las reuniones del CAC clic aquí 

Todos los programas en este boletín informativo son gratuitos y están disponibles para las familias cuyos hijos asisten a uno de los distritos escolares parte del consorcio NCCSE: Bonsall Unified, Cardiff, Carlsbad Unified, Del Mar Union, Encinitas Union, Fallbrook Union Elementary, Fallbrook Union High, Oceanside Unified, Rancho Santa Fe, San Dieguito Union High, San Marcos Unified, Solana Beach, Vista Unified y Vallecitos, así como para las familias que reciben servicios atreves de California Early Start.


A menos que se indique lo contrario, todos los programas se presentan en inglés con interpretación simultánea al español. 

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