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Program for the Visually Impaired Staff

Role First Last Office Location Work Phone Email @sdcoe.net
TVI Mallory Carr NCCSE 760-307-1579 mcarr
TVI Lydia Schnitta NCCSE 858-298-2144 lschnitta
TVI Michael D'Orazi El Camino High School, Oceanside Unified 760-307-1607 michael.dorazi
TVI Samantha Elvin NCCSE 760-307-1369 samantha.elvin
TVI Libby Green NCCSE 760-307-1577 lizbeth.green
TVI Shawn Passarieu El Camino High School, Oceanside Unified 760-307-1569 spassarieu
TVI Danielle Schweikert NCCSE 760-307-1578 danielle.schweikert
TVI Taylor Thompson NCCSE 760-307-1606 taylor.thompson
TVI Allison Wootton Oceanside Unified 760-307-1575 awootton
O&M Specialist Kimberly Ceasar Rivera NCCSE 760-307-1580 kimberly.ceasar
O&M Specialist Marissa Romero Lucero NCCSE 760-307-1576 marissa.romerolucero
Braille Transcriber Andrea Lopez NCCSE 760-307-1491 andrea.lopez
VI Aide Khanpanom Craig NCCSE  760-307-1492 khanpanom.craig
VI Aide Yoly Orcutt NCCSE 760-307-1490 yoly.orcutt


Updated 2/9/2022