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Unless otherwise noted, most family events are free and presented in English with simultaneous interpretation in Spanish. Workshops are subject to cancellation in case of low enrollment and you will receive a notification if this happens.

About Workshops

The NCCSE cabinet, composed of Special Education Directors from each of our districts, is committed to having a comprehensive program of workshops that respond to the concerns of parents as well as staff members. Each year, the staff development committee meets to identify the needs of our consortium and plans meaningful programs that will address those needs. Our program offerings are diverse, from educating parents and staff members that work with students with Autism to the latest information on IEP issues.


If you have questions regarding the family events, contact Heidi Marshall, NCCSE Parent Liaison at heidi.marshall@sdcoe.net or 760-761-5120.

For assistance with registration contact Fabiola Vasquez at fvasquez@sdcoe.net or 760-761-5119. Participants needing specialized accommodations please contact us no later than 10 working days before the workshop.

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Workshops for Families

Continue to check this page periodically as we add more events throughout the school year.

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Anyone who requires an auxiliary aid or service for effective communication, or a modification of policies or procedures to participate in a program, service, or activity of the North Coastal Consortium for Special Education should contact our office at 760-761-5110 as soon as possible but no later than 48 working hours before the scheduled event. Spanish interpretation for parent events provided upon request with 48 hours working-day notice.

From Community Partners
  • Event #1: Disability Support Group
    • Dates & Time: Every 1st Tuesday of the month: (March 2nd) 10-11:30 am.
    • Zoom Link: https://zoom.us/j/97883896676?pwd=YnJ1Y1Fma3o0ZlJNQk1lOVFLUGROQT09
    • Join by phone: (669)900-6833
    • Meeting ID: 978 8389 6676
    • Passcode: 561718
    • Staff Facilitator: Hermes Castro- (619)704-2058, hcastro@accesstoindependence.org
    • Event Description: During these times connecting with others and expanding our support network are key to living well. To combat social isolation and find support, our Disability Support Group aims to provide a virtual platform for people living with disabilities to engage around different topics related to coping, overcoming hurdles, and sharing both positive and negative experiences. We invite our consumers to engage with us in a non-judgmental virtual atmosphere to enjoy a meaningful interaction with a diverse group of individuals.
  • Event #2: Youth Support
    • Date & Time: Every 1st Wednesday of the month: (Mar. 3rd) 01:30-3 pm.Zoom Linkhttps://zoom.us/j/99687455914?pwd=ZHpCNXpSNmhXdFlPazlwUXZMZzVIUT09
    • Join by phone: (669)900-6833
    • Meeting ID: 996 8745 5914
    • Facilitator: Franco Saavedra-(619) 704-2440, fsaavedra@accesstoindependence.org
    • Passcode: 609675
    • Event Description: Our Youth Support Group aims to provide a virtual platform for youth living with disabilities to engage around different topics related to transitioning into adulthood, coping, overcoming hurdles, and sharing both positive and negative experiences related to living with disabilities. We invite you to engage with us in a non-judgmental, virtual atmosphere, and enjoy a nice chat and opportunity to socialize with other youth in our community.
  • Event #3: Emergency Preparedness Workshop
    • Dates & Time: Every 2nd Tuesday of the month: (March 9th ) 10:30-12pm.
    • Zoom Link: https://zoom.us/j/99387675694?pwd=dndYaWRlS1EzbVBXU2ZKdGZZS1J3Zz09
    • Join by Phone: (669)900-6833
    • Meeting ID: 993 8767 5694
    • Passcode: 651889
    • Facilitator: Franco Saavedra-(619) 704-2440, fsaavedra@accesstoindependence.org
    • Event Description: The purpose of this Emergency Preparedness training is to help people with disabilities develop an emergency plan for how they would evacuate and/or shelter in place during a natural disaster, such as fire or earthquake. Additionally, attendees will review the contents of an Emergency Preparedness kit, assess their unique needs for their own kit and leave the training with a basic kit provided by Access to Independence. 
  • Event #4: Live & Thrive
    • Dates & Time: Starting every 3rd Tuesday of the month until Friday: (March 16th)1:30-4pm.
    • Zoom Link: https://zoom.us/j/99168455502?pwd=NEc3RnR2bzRNdVh3N3lZd3hldWN6UT09
    • Join by phone: (669)900-6833
    • Meeting ID: 991 6845 5502
    • Passcode: 973270
    • Staff Facilitator: Vivian Radam- (619)704-2435, vradam@accesstoindependence.org & Zoe Carlson- (619)704-2449, zcarlson@accesstoindependence.org
    • Event Description: This is a peer facilitated, whole-person wellness program for people living with disabilities. Through our Living Well with Disabilities workshop curriculum, participants in a group setting develop an empowerment strategy by embracing better habits to ensure and enhance healthy-living and independence.
  • Event #5: Expressive Arts Workshop
    • Dates & Time: Every last Friday of the month: (March 26th)1:00 pm-2:30 pm.
    • Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/97911535395?pwd=MzV5Q2o2WEYzSlU1YW9tcmRYU0ppdz09
    • Join by phone: (669)900-6833
    • Meeting ID: 979 1153 5395
    • Passcode: 066184
    • Staff Facilitator: Vivian Radam- (619)704-2435vradam@accesstoindependence.org
    • Event Description: The purpose of this virtual workshop is to give our consumers the opportunity to explore their creativity and the therapeutic benefits of artistic expression within a positive and supportive group environment. We'll use this virtual space as a creative outlet and to connect with peers throughout San Diego County. Each workshop will have a different positive, thought-provoking theme related to our mission and building independent living skills.